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1pm, spare room in Speaker's House
*After a few hours of drifting in and out of consciousness, Alastair comes to his senses and sits up in a strange bed. At once he remembers the main event of last night - the wolf that tried to eat him - but not the details. He doesn't know how he came to be here but it's peaceful enough, and mostly he's grateful to still have all his limbs intact, even if they are aching badly.

Beside the bed he finds a mug of something cold alongside a note from John, explaining where he is and recommending he ask Sally if there's anything he needs. Eyeing the drink, he decides it probably can't hurt and takes a few experimental sips. The pain of his bruises starts to fade and he gulps down the rest gratefully.

So, last night's rescue party was successful on the rescue side of things, at least. But did they catch the wolf? Something's nagging away at the back of Alastair's sedated mind, something about the creature itself. How did he come to be running away from it in the first place..?

He was round Peter's, helping him redecorate. The penny drops. It wasn't a wolf, they said, it was a werewolf. Peter. He mutters to himself.* Fucksake Mandelson, this is extreme even for you. *He looks for and eventually finds his phone; the screen is badly cracked. There is a bank of texts from Fiona, which he ignores. He tries calling first Peter, then John, but neither yields an answer. Instead he hauls himself out of bed and goes to see if Mrs Bercow can be persudaded to make lunch.*

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*John steps through the fireplace into the livingroom and is met with the smell of burnt bacon. In front of him, Sally and Alastair are laughing on the sofa.*

Ah, Alastair, you're awake.

*He looks down at the ketchup smeared plate*

I see Sally attempted made you some food? Excellent, a healthy appetite is a good sign.

How're the injuries? Much pain?

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Oh, there you are. I should, uh, thank you for bringing me here. Probably.

No, no pain since I drank that potion thing by the bed. It was pretty bad when I first woke up, but I'll live unlike whatever idiot fired a dart into me. But what about the - the thing? *He looks uneasily from Sally to John.* Did you get it? Is Peter okay?

Sally, would you leave us for a moment, please? Alastair and I have some things to discus.

No, Sally they don't involve you.

No, Sally, I'm sure they don't.

Sally, we'll talk about this later.

Yes, yes I promise.

Thank you.

*Sally leaves them to their conversation.*

Physically, he seems to be fine, if a bit tired. Psychologically... he doesn't understand how he became a werewolf, apparently. He has no recollection of being bitten, or so he claims. He also can't believe he caused such harm to those two on Thursday night. It all seems be a rather great shock.

You're telling me. He tried to eat me last night, remember? Fucking hell, he's really pushed the boat out this time. But you can cure it, right? There's treatments and hocus pocus to stop them tearing chunks out of schoolgirls, isn't there?

There are several... possible courses of action, yes.

The first, and often most favoured, is handing Peter over to the Dangerous Magical Animals unit at the Home Office. However, given he has mauled two people who are still yet to wake, the most likely outcome in that scenario would be that Peter is put down so he is no longer a risk to the public. Even if they choose incarceration rather than execution, the facilities they offer would not suit Peter. He'd likely lose his mind in a matter of weeks.

The next most popular resolution to these cases is to send the individual to the werewolf commune in Scotland. Again, this doesn't seem to... suit Peter in the slightest.

The two final options are more magical intensive, yes. First of all, he could remain heavily sedated by a potion designed to dull the force of the wolf. He would have to drink this potion every day for the rest of his life. He'd have to be confined to a very small area. He could never travel abroad again. The restrictions are heavy.

Finally, the cure. Yes, yes, contrary to common belief, there is a cure. Before you get your hopes up, the rate of survival with these courses are extremely low. In all probability, if Peter choses to pursue that particular course, he would likely die a very slow and painful death. And even if he does survive, and the potion works, the constant medical check ups and extra security clearances he'll have to go through from then on will mean he can never really go back to the way he was before his transformation.

So, to answer your question, yes, there are treatments and cures, but I have absolutely no idea if any of them will work, or if Peter will choose them.


Right. Right. That's not exactly ideal. Right. *Glances at the door where Sally left.* I mean - just because they might not work doesn't mean they definitely won't. Peter's a stubborn bastard. If anyone can come back from something like this, he can. I want to see him.

It's his choice.

Well, technically it isn't. He has to be put under someone's legal protection and they have to make the choice, but I'm sure Peter will have no trouble convincing them to do as he wishes.

Well, I-

*John glances at the door*

He did seem rather shaken, I'm not sure it would be best... but then again, if anyone can make his mood flip from the deepest self loathing to something approaching his normal behaviour, I suppose it would be you.

Yes, yes, I'll take you to see him. Just follow me into the fireplace and we'll be there.

*John calls back to his wife*

Sally, Alastair and I are going out for a moment - I'll be back for dinner!

*John jumps into the flames before Sally can get back to the living room, but her shouts carry through to the room outside Peter's cell.*

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*Alastair hesitates for half a beat before following John into the flames.*

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